Bergamot essential oil

Warning Bergamot essential oil is photosensitizing and potentially irritating to the skin, it is important to dilute it in vegetable oil before external use and it is advisable to conduct a preliminary skin test. Its use is not suitable for children under 6 or pregnant women.

Indications of the essential oil of bergamot

  • Skin application (cold compresses, massage, bath): Bloating, oily hair, spastic colitis, dermatitis, indigestion, insomnia, combination or oily skin, wound and small wound, stress
  • Respiratory Tract (olfaction, inhalation, distribution): Agitation, anxiety, cleaner air, decreased libido, nervous exhaustion, bacterial or viral infection, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, concentration problems, stress
  • Internal (oral, vaginal, rectal): Loss of appetite, intestinal parasites, digestive disorders. For internal use of bergamot essential oil, it is necessary to first consult a therapist.

Use the essential oil of bergamot health advice

Skin benefits

  • Dermatitis (eczema, psoriasis …): dilute heavily in vegetable oil and apply as a compress.

Benefits respiratory and ENT

  • Viral or bacterial infection: inhalation, dilute 5 drops in a bowl with hot water.

Digestive benefits

  • Bloating, inappetence, digestive disorders: Dilute 1 to 2 drops in a cup of hot water.
  • Colics and spasms: Dilute 1 to 2 drops in a cup of hot water, 1 drop in honey or on a neutral tablet, optionally in massage, strongly diluted in a vegetable oil.
  • Intestinal Gas: dilute 1 to 2 drops in a cup of hot water or massage after the highly diluted bergamot essential oil in vegetable oil.
  • Parasitosis intestinal: orally, 1 drop in honey or on a neutral tablet 2-3 times a day.

Other benefits

  • Clean Air: broadcast.
  • Libido: in olfaction.
  • Wound and small wound: in cutaneous application, highly diluted in vegetable oil.
  • Tonicity and energy: Dilute 1 to 2 drops in a cup of hot water.

Tips for using the essential oil of bergamot for the psychological well-being

  • Imbalance in mood, concentration problem: broadcast, dilute the essential oil of bergamot in a little water in a cup.
  • Nervous fatigue by inhalation or broadcast.
  • Insomnia: massage, diluted in almond oil.
  • Nervousness, stress, irritability, anguish broadcast or smell, place a few drops on a handkerchief or inside of the elbows or wrists.

Use of bergamot essential oil beauty tips

  • Oily hair: dilute a few drops directly into the shampoo.
  • Combination or oily skin: dilute in vegetable oil and apply a compress or massage.

Synergies with bergamot essential oil

  • With soothing essential oils: chamomile, lavender, bitter orange petit grain, lavender for a soothing and relaxing.
  • With citrus essential oils: mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, for an anti-infective and antiseptic.

Precautions and Warnings against the bergamot essential oil

Before using the bergamot essential oil, it is necessary to ensure that bergapten contained in the rind has been removed. It is indeed a photosensitizing compound, which can cause an inflammatory reaction following exposure to sun. In general, the essential oil of bergamot must be highly diluted before application to the skin.

Essential oil of bergamot Features

Botanical Description

Fruit with smooth skin and green flesh, bergamot is the fruit of the bergamot, a tree of the family Rutaceae, primarily grown in Calabria. The skin of the bergamot turns yellow when it matures. It can then be harvested, usually in January. This fruit whose flesh is bitter and acid, is mainly used for its zest.

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