Essential oils to sleep well

Sleep is essential to our health and our general welfare. Sometimes it is difficult to find or it is not really refreshing. Drugs can be a solution, but they often have side effects and the phenomenon of addiction. Essential oils can help to sleep and improve quality.

Essential oils can help sleep. It is also necessary to know which ones can be used and how. Some precautions must be observed.

Effective essential oils to sleep well

For a quick sleep, efficient and restorative, essential oils can be a good solution. It is always advisable to take the advice of a health professional before use. They can help to relax, to let go mentally, slow breathing to relax.

The basil essential oil is particularly recommended for sleep. It is an oil which has long been recognized for its properties in the treatment of anxiety and Insomnia .

The chamomile essential oil is also an oil soothing . Featuring calming appreciated for many centuries, it treats including nervousness. It also has anesthetic properties and helps soothe stress, thus facilitate sleep. Since it is very soft, it can be used for children and for babies. This essential oil is very well tolerated.

Lavender essential oil has virtues antiseptic , anti-inflammatory , and is also well known for its properties calming . In addition, it has a very pleasant smell, making it an excellent oil to broadcast.

Clary sage essential oil helps to find peace and promotes sleep. However, as its sedative effect is very strong, it should not be used in dissemination by people who must drive or work.

The essential oil of marjoram is also an oil shown to promote sleep. It helps to ease conflicts, relax a tense atmosphere, limit nervousness or inner turmoil.

How to use?

Essential oils should always be used with care. Their active ingredients are very powerful in small doses. It is therefore recommended to take the advice of a physician or healthcare professional.

  • Depending on the effect, the basil essential oil can be used in different ways. To promote sleep and improve quality, it can diffuse into the room or use in massage . Using a diffuser, it helps freshen the air, while soothing fatigue and brain activity. It helps to calm down before sleep. One can also make use of this essential oil skin application. For this, it must be diluted to 1% in vegetable oil and used in massage along the spine.
  • The chamomile essential oil is very effective dissemination . It may be associated with the essential oil of petit grain. In massage , essential oil of chamomile diluted in vegetable oil and applied to the solar plexus or along the spine. Since it is very soft, it can be used for babies and children, after medical advice. In this case, a drop is spread on the back.
  • The lavender essential oil helps to relax, relax, combat stress. It can be diluted in a neutral and base added in the bath . It can also be used in distribution in the room . The massage at the temples promotes sleep and a few drops on the pillow allow to relax. It is also possible on the nightstand a roller where it has deposited a few drops of this essential oil.
  • The essential oil of marjoram soothes and facilitates sleep onset when added, diluted in water bath .


  • Most essential oils are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. basil oil can irritate sensitive skin. In general, we always do a skin test in the elbow and is expected 48 hours before wider application.
  • The essential oil of clary sage should not be used in broadcasting before driving. It is prohibited for pregnant women and during the second period of the cycle. It should never be associated with alcohol because it causes nausea. It is also prohibited to children under 12 years.
  • marjoram oil should not be used for children or by people with asthma or epilepsy, or by pregnant or lactating women.

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