Other uses of essential oils

An overwhelming majority of essential oils can be used in cooking. Essential oils are used in hot or cold to give a new flavor to dishes. We can add in the entries, desserts, dishes …

It should rarely put more than one or two drops diluted in fat. This is enough to achieve a sustainable and original fragrance. It can be flavored tea and herbal tea with a few drops of essential oil (from 1 to 3 drops) of a dispersant.

For the kitchen, it is recommended to choose organic essential oils and to pay attention to warnings that may affect pregnant or nursing women, young children and people with allergies.

We can provide with citrus essential oils of bergamot, tangerine, lemon, lemon balm. To add notes of spices, we choose the essential oil of basil, peppermint, of green oregano, garlic. For floral notes, essential oils of bitter almond or lavender work wonders.

The household uses essential oils

To disinfect and de-scale, essential oils can be added to antibacterial of housekeeping homemade products. This is the case of essential oils of tea tree, lemon, lemongrass, lavender, of removed eucalyptus or pine.

To maintain the machine , simply pour directly into the drum of the washing machine of the essential oil of lemon, orange, neroli, ylang-ylang and lavender. Each can replace fabric softener and pleasantly perfuming linen.

To fight against mites , an essential oil soaked cotton placed in the vacuum bag is very effective. For this, the essential oil is chosen from Cryptomeria, removed from eucalyptus, lavender super, litsée of lemon or rosemary cineole.

To fight against moths and perfume closets , a cloth or a roller which have been soaked in essential oil of Atlas cedar, lavender or Cryptomeria will be very effective.

Veterinary use essential oils

Essential oils can have veterinary care for 100% natural. The use of oils is so different to that recommended for humans, and it must respect the modes of administration, the precautions and cons-indications.

Some pets may be allergic or very sensitive. It is therefore recommended to always take the advice of a veterinarian. Essential oils are not recommended for cats and ferrets, which are too sensitive. Essential oils should usually be diluted in a vegetable oil, honey, green clay, ointment …

A first aid kit can be composed of essential oil of lavender, of helichrysum, Cistus, Roman chamomile.

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