Encyclopedia of Essential Oils

Welcome to our encyclopedia essential oils , a collaborative guide 100% dedicated to herbal medicine and especially in aromatherapy . On this encyclopedic guide, which aims to be a major explanatory collection of essential oils, you will find basic information on the main essential oils, as well as links to websites – partners or not the encyclopedia of essential oils – which you will deepen your knowledge.

Everyone or almost is aware of these oils, but few people doubt the many different varieties and properties of each essential oil – not to mention that most of these oils require precautions especially vis-à-vis children. This generic guide so you will, we hope to better understand the universe and discover the main essential oils.

The number of essential oils is very important, we have chosen to share this guide in 2 fields so that its reading is facilitated.

Top 5 essential oils

The first section will be devoted to 5 essential oils “main” that are HE Tea Tree , the EO of lavender , HE peppermint , HE of eucalyptus , and HE lemon .

These oils, because of their importance, will be a detailed description of each with one or more links to explanations to learn more if you wish.

Other essential oils

The second section will be devoted to other essential oils, whose number is as impossible not only to all the reference, but especially to devote their detailed articles for each.

This is the objective of our long-term guide.

In this section you will find particular essential oil Ravintsara , Ylang Ylang , Niaouli , Rosemary , etc.

Important Note

This collaborative encyclopedia is written by passionate (s) and do not in any way serve as professional medical advice.

We remind you that should any occasion to consult a specialist in herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

Indeed, although some are perfectly harmless ET in case of wrong dosage, it does not hold true for all.

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