Eucalyptus essential oil

The essential oil of eucalyptus ( Eucalyptus globulus ) is an oil known to be very effective to relieve the airways and it has properties expectorant recognized, due to the presence of its main active material, eucalyptol (cineole or) which is a colorless organic natural compound.

Well-known Australian Aborigines who use the leaves for centuries, eucalyptus is now a common tree in the world and used to make the famous essential oil of eucalyptus.

Principles and use

The HE Eucalyptus is often recommended in cases of bronchitis , from flu to sinusitis or even nasopharyngitis .

Eucalyptus essential oils can be used in different ways – either by diffusion if it is desired to use an essential oil diffuser for air disinfection or by friction on the chest, neck, solar plexus or back , or by inhalation (it is recommended in this case to dilute 8 to 10 drops of ET eucalyptus in a bowl with hot water, then inhalation of vapors by keeping the head in a towel, for example, congestion ) .

The ingestion by mouth of this essential oil must however be excluded as potentially dangerous , and necessarily requires the advice of a physician and / or an experienced aromatherapist before considering it. Indeed, eucalyptol is a moderately toxic natural organic compound, it is therefore especially not swallow.



Most aromatherapists advise against oral for the essential oil of eucalyptus – at most, we can make a mouthwash to cure a canker sore, but never pure ingestion .

Also, this oil is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers, and young children (under 6 years).

It also recommends not use this oil, or if not with great caution, in asthma or diabetes.

May give headaches after prolonged use, eucalyptus oil should not be used lightly, it would even high-dose lethal!

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