The essential oils against the common cold

Facing the cold, raging mostly in the winter, some essential oils are a real health advantage. Among these include essential oils of Ceylon cinnamon, clove, ginger, ravintsara and eucalyptus disbarred. Whether preventive or curative effect, they have properties that will help you fight against this evil naturally.

Whether prevent colds or act on the symptoms already present, essential oils, including Ceylon cinnamon , of ginger , of Eucalyptus radiata or Clove , are a formidable asset.

The essential oils effective against colds

Facing the cold, some essential oils are particularly recommended due to their antiviral and stimulating properties of the immune system.

  • The essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon (bark) and the essential oil of Clove is thus indicated to reinforce a weakened immune system and their Anti-infective with broad spectrum.
  • The essential oils of ginger , of Eucalyptus radiata to ravintsara and Scots pine are, in turn, recommended for colds for their Expectorant action, antiseptic and decongestant airline airways.

Some synergies have also been proven in the case of a cold.

  • Thus, in adults , use the mixture of essential oils of peppermint , of removed eucalyptus and ravintsara .
  • In children older than 4 months , we prefer a mixture of essential oils ravintsara , of Tea tree , of niaouli and struck eucalyptus , diluted in almond oil to permit application nonaggressive skin.

How to use against cold symptoms?

If the essential oils mentioned above are effective face the cold symptoms, their use can not be done randomly.

  • It is advisable to use the essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon diluted in vegetable oil, then the massage it at the plexus and Arches .
  • The essential oil of clove can also be used diluted in a vegetable oil, dermal application on the Back and Arches .
  • The essential oil of ginger used in the case of colds, is to be applied in the sinuses and use in inhalation .
  • Essential oils of eucalyptus radiata, ravintsara and Scots pine can be used in olfaction , in inhalation , in Air diffusion and also massage diluted in vegetable oil. They are then applied in the sinuses, the spine in the upper back, the thorax and the soles of the feet. They thus act against the cough, stuffy nose, congestion and mucus in the airways. Their diffusion also limits the spread of viruses in the air.

The synergy of peppermint, eucalyptus disbarred and essential ravintsara oil is used by mixing a drop of each extracted file on a sugar or a teaspoon of honey, or olfaction on a handkerchief .


Essential oils are active extracts of relatively powerful plants that should be handled with care.

  • For example, the essential oil of Ceylon cinnamon is used only diluted in vegetable oil at a dermal application, since it is dermocaustic . Its use inhaled or diluted in the bath water is, therefore, prohibited. The use of this oil is also recommended for people suffering from hypertension and / or suffering from liver problems. Its use is also prohibited for pregnant or breastfeeding women and for Children under 3 years , as is the case of the essential oil of ginger.
  • Conversely, the essential oil of Eucalyptus radiata is ideal for pregnant women over 3 months and children older than 3 years.
  • The essential oil ravintsara may also be suitable for pregnant women, beyond 5 months pregnant and children over 6 months.

» The essential oils against the common cold